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What is a Unique Connection Point and Does it Really Matter to Your Business Profits?


In my last email, I started sharing with you about my crusade against failure, my quest to find out what happened to me a year and a half ago and also what happens to so many others every day, that causes you to hit a wall in business without any warning.

After quite a bit of soul searching and hundreds of conversations with peers, jv partners, and industry giants and hundreds of hours of reverse engineering their success, I had a very important realization.

Failure will eventually hit you, or you’d be entirely incapable of ever taking off from the moment you conceive your business idea if you don’t have a clearly defined Unique Connection Point aka UCP.

It’s one of the most critical and fundamental basics of building a real business, yet so many overlook this important step.

An entrepreneur who “gets” the Unique Connection Point and can identify and develop his own, will end up making a lot of money.

Could you succeed and make money in your business without having a clearly defined UCP?

Yes, absolutely!

But I can almost 100% assure you that it won’t be for long… this type of approach is very temporary and unsustainable, and you’ll eventually end up crashing.

Every business needs to have a Unique Connection Point, a core idea that gives the business solid ground to stand on, that directly affects the message and attitude toward the client and directly reflects back with the results and revenue it generates.

When you have identified your UCP, your marketing and your message easily cuts through the clutter that has to compete with.

And even though the basic premise of your message might have been said many times before, the way it’s presented, your unique and authentic platform makes it interesting.

So what is a Unique Connection Point?

Essentially, it’s the motivating difference that tips the scale in your favor instead of your competitors.

It directly represents and answers the inevitable question your potential customers are asking: “Why should I listen to you, out of the gazillion other marketers, bloggers, coaches, experts and speakers out there?”

You got to give them a compelling reason, grab their eyeballs and capture their attention, to stay on your website, to listen to what you have to say, to opt in and get more value from YOU, and to enroll in YOUR programs for the very unique experience and results ONLY YOU WILL AND CAN provide
to them.

That compelling reason is your Unique Connection Point.

Here’s some things you want to consider when you start identifying your connection point:

- It should be something that matters to your prospects.

- Should be memorable and evoke emotional feeling.

- Should have a WOW factor

- You should focus on portraying the benefits of your products and services not features when you
think about communicating it.

- And you’re going to want to make a big promise. And then you have to be able to deliver on that

So go ahead and get started.

And make sure continue plugging into this email series. I promise by the end you would be completely clear on your UCP.

Btw, I am continuing to conduct market research from real businesses, start ups, online entrepreneurs, mom and pop shops, bedroom businesses, coaches and consultants, affiliate and network marketers who have hit the ceiling.

And I will be sharing all that info with you as soon as I gather enough data.

I want to be able to offer solid advice to my subscribers and one of the ways that you can help me with that is participate in the survey, so I can get a really solid picture, of where everybody’s at and the things that you are currently struggling with.

Based on the survey results, I am going to be able to give you amazing revealing information of why you might not be experiencing the marketing upside that you should be experiencing and I will help you understand what all that information means to your business and how you can start making small changes right away for immediate and profitable results in your business.

We’re gonna do your money marketing makeovr, ya’ll :)  

So go ahead and anonymously fill the survey right here. I’m also going to randomly choose a few awesome people who are going to get a free one on one session with me.

Fill out the survey right now and keep your eyes open for my next email where I go into further details about why you should stop trying to just be better and my teenage love for boy bands. :)


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Diyana Alcheva

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  1. This idea has been around for awhile, since the 1940′s in fact. It’s also known as a USP or Unique Selling Proposition. The term was invented by Rosser Reeves of Ted Bates & Company. It even has it’s own Wikipedia Page


    Didi Alcheva Reply:

    Yep, definitely not claiming I invented it :) But it’s something I realize I never determined for myself, yet I have been a successful online marketer since 2007 now… but I hit a wall, and I see that missing a UCP is a big failure factor for many others. So I am shedding some light on the topic. Thanks for stopping by Christopher :)


  2. Judy Garey says:

    Great post! I’m looking forward to reading your future posts in this series! :-)


  3. Lisa Darling says:

    Didi, thank you so much for this article! There are a multitude of people making similar claims online and singling ourselves out with a unique UCP is vital! :)

    I will definitely stay tuned and listen to your Social Era take on this Industrial Era concept!

    You framed this with a fresh perspective and in a way that was really inspiring and uplifting! :)


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