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What causes online businesses to hit a wall? [a personal revelation]


I didn’t think I would ever reveal this…

…because it was too embarrassing to admit. 
I don’t know why. I guess I was really confused. 
About a year and a half ago, I had everything going for me… I was in a true momentum phase in my business, creating new products, wild buzz online, and speaking on the biggest stages of the industry. 
And then it was like a screeching halt… I hit a wall. 
Suddenly, I couldn’t do anything more, I couldn’t grow my business. I was spinning my wheels and the more I tried the bigger the hole got. 
It was exhausting, overwhelming and darn depressing. 
I felt extremely confused and embarrassed to admit what was going on. I thought it’s all going so well for me and then suddenly, BAM!
It was over.
Why, oh why, I asked?
What did I do wrong?
Where was this resistance coming from?
I was cringing from the inside, and I realized, “I got to do something about this.”
I had to do something not only for my personal mental and emotional health and the life of my business, but also because the people I mentored and other peers in the industry were experiencing a similar thing.
So I thought the best thing would be to back off, take a breather, remove myself from the situation and look at it from aside. 
I decided to go on a little sabbatical, an exciting quest.
I thought that getting away from all the noise, spending some time with my family and friends was exactly what I needed, so I bought a one way ticket to my home country Bulgaria. I had no idea how long this was going to take. 
There I had all the time in the world, so I started taking a personal inventory of my success up until that point, trying to pin point what was good and what was missing. Then,  I started studying and reverse engineering real successful online marketers, the legends, the ones that paved the way. 
I studied the people who were actually thriving. 
It was fascinating to see the huge gap existing in the industry. Those who were thriving were at the top of their game, making a fortune… And then there were the ones who could hardly make a dime online - two polar opposites. 
How could this be? 
I started asking: Why do some marketers and their campaigns crush it, while most fight an uphill battle from the minute they conceive their business idea?
What are they doing different? What is it really that creates a true buzz?
The answers slowly started revealing themselves. 
In my conversations I was noticing that whenever someone talked to me about people like Brendon Burchard, Rich Schefren, Tony Robbins, Andy Jenkins or I mentioned these names and the likes to others, they always knew who these people were and what they stood for.
And I will bet you do too. 
Brendon Burchard – the Experts Academy guy helping you “Build and expert empire and career by monetizing what you know.”
Rich Schefren – The Guru’s Guru, helping internet marketers become better organized, more profitable while having more leisure time by creating strategic systems.
Tony RobbinsPersonal achievement and using the power of your own passion to live life on your terms, experience peak performance, turnaround and maximum results. 
Andy Jenkins “The Video Boss” messaging outrageous videos in order to cut through the noise and demonstrate to people how to make way more money by using video.
I had a groundbreaking realization that revealed to me why I stalled and why so many people are still struggling to build a real business online. 
The reason I and many of my peers hit a brick wall was because we didn’t have a platform - a clearly defined unique position, a single message or what you would often hear as USP (unique selling proposition). 
For the purpose of these email series I am going to call it your Unique Connection Point aka UCP.
It’s that unique connection between you and your prospects and existing customers. 
It’s how you connect and communicate your value to them that not only describes the most impactful and life-changing benefits to them but it’s also the most impactful point for your business’ bottom line as well. 
It’s one of the most critical and fundamental basics of building a real business, yet so many overlook this important step. 
When you don’t have that you are scattered and easily influenced to take off in a thousand different directions, which is exactly what happened to me.
So as I’ve started to become clear on my Unique Connection Point in the market place, I also want to assist you in the process.  
Important: Over the next couple of weeks I will be sending you a series of emails that have the purpose of assisting you in the process of getting clear with your UCP. 
I am going to slowly peel the onion on all of this and in each successive email you are going to get increased levels of clarity. 
I’ve discovered that I needed this layered approach in order to fully grasp it all without a heavy feeling of overwhelm. So get ready, and make sure you whitelist my email address and star it as important to ensure you don’t miss in on anything that I share with you in the next couple of weeks. 
It’s time to get clear on your Unique Connection Point and communicate your value in a way that attracts the perfect client and high profits into your business.
Btw, I am continuing to conduct market research from real businesses, online entrepreneurs, start ups, mom and pop shops, coaches and consultants, affiliate and network marketers who have hit the ceiling.
And I will be sharing all that info with you as soon as I gather enough information. 
I want to be able to offer solid advice to you, my subscribers and one of the ways that you can really help me do that is to actually participate in the survey, so I can get a really solid picture, of where everybody’s at and the things that you are currently struggling with.

Based on the info I’ll be doing some life training where I will be sharing why you may not be experiencing 

the marketing upside that you should be and how to quickly change that.

We gonna do your money marketing makeover, ya’ll!

So go ahead and anonymously fill this survey right here. I’m also going to randomly choose a few awesome people who are going to get a free one on one session with me
Fill the survey right now… and keep your eyes open for my next email where I go into further details about what exactly is your UCP.
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Diyana Alcheva

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  1. Dena-Lynn says:

    Wow, DiDi, it’s as if you’d been reading my mind. I’d been having the same thoughts to determine that one “thing” that makes such a that huge difference as you described. I definitely can understand how having this question mark hovering over your head can be a bit unnerving – especially when you know all of the pieces to this online marketing maze. I look forward to learning more about identifying our Unique Connecting Point – you nailed it with that!

    Dena Lynn


    Didi Alcheva Reply:

    Hah, yeah like I said this is been happening all over the industry, not just some isolated case that happened to me. So I am glad to hear from a fellow marketer who’s in the same boat, Dena. Looking forward to sharing a lot more.


  2. Didi, great post! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to your future posts on your ucp and the results of your survey.


    Didi Alcheva Reply:

    You’re welcome Vanessa! Stay tuned :)


  3. Brian says:

    Thanks Didi for you post today, Great stuff!


    Didi Alcheva Reply:

    Absolutely, Brian! It’s great to see you here. :)


  4. Jennifer says:

    Loved reading this. This is so true, Derek Halpern says very similar when it comes to your blog. I tried to sign up for your series, it says there was an error….maybe it went thru?



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