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Top 3 Online Business Productivity Tools

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I’ve been jumping the “productivity” and time management blog post bandwagon. 

Our survey a couple of weeks ago indicated that a ton of the online entrepreneurs who participated in it are incredibly challenged and overwhelmed by the daunting idea of being able to successfully look back at the end of their day and feel absolutely positively happy about the incredible amount of accomplishment they have produced that would bring them real results in their business. 

And that’s why I feel that every entrepreneur must make it goal and do everything within their power to tackle this challenge and gain the ability to call herself/himself a productive results-driven entrepreneur. If of course your business is more than just a hobby.

So far we have talked about the importance of having the conscious intention to becoming productive and starting your day off right with a ritual that focuses on getting you grounded and setting the stage for the rest of the day… i.e. “me time”.

We’ve also talked about multi-tasking and how overrated it is and the importance of focusing on one thing at a time, whether it be a whole project or one type of activity at a time, like writing, shooting videos, making and taking phone calls.

Today I want to share with you some of the tools that I have found extremely helpful,  that are making my life easier, a lot less overwhelming and whole lot more productive as well as my business profitable!  

  1. Simpleology

Simpleology is definitely one of the top tools that I have been very loyal to over the last 3 years. Although I have had times of abandoning it, I always come back to it as it really helps me streamline my days.

The founder of Simpleology is Internet marketing giant Mark Joyner. And he and his team are constantly working on improving and upgrading the tool. 

What really made an impression when I first signed up were the great simple training videos and the free ebook with lessons on productivity. They are super simple no brainer concepts, that when you know them and you get off track you might feel dumb for doing so.

So whether you try using Simpleology or not, I highly recommend checking their free training. simpleology

Usually the first thing I do when I get to my computer to work is go to and brain dump all the stuff that’s on my mind that I need to get done… then I sift it through real easy with the tools provided and by the end am left with only the things I intend to accomplish myself that day. The rest either goes to the trash bin, gets delegated or set aside for deliberation and later action.

It’s so helpful to dump out everything that’s cluttering my mind and know it’s in a safe place for later review and simple systematic accomplishment. :)

The Law of the Straight Line

One of the favorite concepts I learned in Simpleology is the Law of the Straight Line, which basically states that the shortest distance between two points A an B is a straight line. So just like the fastest way to get from LA to Chicago is a direct flight from LA to Chicago. You wouldn’t get a flight that goes all the way to China and then to Chicago…. and so does your business and daily activities should be taken on with this same understanding.

Simpleology and the other tools I am sharing here will help you stay in a straight line movement in your business activities.

  1. Goals on track

While Simpleology is where I choose to jot down and then follow my short daily activities and mark them as accomplished, I use Goals on Track for my longer term projects. I use it because it allows me to break down my big projects’ goals into smaller milestones, goals and tasks and set deadlines.

I was initially introduced to it by the CEO of – Jesse Jameson. goals on track _diyana_alcheva

I have to admit I have not been consistent at using it, and as I upped my commitment to being super-duper productive this year, I purchased it again for the year just recently. I believe it’s an annual membership for something close to $60.

You can also download their iPhone app and keep track of your daily tasks, set goals for new habits and track your progress, and more on the go.

  1. Rescue Time 

Very recently I was reading a super entertaining email from my friend Andy Jenkins,  making fun on how most online business owners days go by… with doing all the small things and the distracting things but very carefully avoiding the important, money producing activities. In his email he shared a tool that I immediately purchased with the goal to keep myself accountable and to actually begin tracking where my time goes throughout the day.

Here’s how it works. Once you install the software “RescueTime sits in the background and measures which application, web site or (optionally) document is actively being used.

rescue_time_diyana_alcheva_didiRescueTime can show you a wide variety of reports and gives you a rich dashboard showing the data that’s important to you. You can see the top apps and sites for a week, see how email time ebbs and flows throughout the day, see which days of the week are you most productive, and see how you compare to the average RescueTime user. 

RescueTime Focus Mode allows you to voluntarily block the distracting parts of the internet for a period of time you specify. RescueTime will enforce this focus– it’s a firm commitment. Sites are automagically categorized as distracting, but you have the power to re-categorize things if you need to.”

Everyone thinks they are more efficient than the average person but (obviously) half of us are wrong! Are you?”

I am still in the testing phase and not utelizing this tool to it’s fullest potential… but being a marketer and knowing how important testing and tracking it is… I am now ready to apply that to my own daily business activities. 

I have a few more amazing tools up my sleeve for you that I want to share with you but I will leave this to next time… so make sure you opt in to get an email update as soon as that is ready and out.

In the meantime, please let me know if you have used any of these tools, if any one of them seem intriguing and you are going to try them? Also, what tools have you found helpful to your productivity that you use on a daily or weekly basis in your business and life.

To Your Success, 
Diyana Alcheva

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