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If Your Business Feels Chaotic, Do This…


The single simple idea shared in this post could entirely transform the way you perform and easily multiply the results you create in your business. That’s exactly what happened to me and that’s why I want to share it with you in this series of blog posts on time management and productivity.

An Over-Achiever Feeling Stress and Overwhelm

Stress-ZebraStripesAbout a year and a half ago I was working with a partner at the time. We were accomplishing a whole lot in a very short amount of time, but nevertheless the overwhelm and stress I was feeling was tremendous. 

We were determined to be absolute over achievers and really make things happen.

And things were happening, I tell you that! 

In only a few short months we had created:

*one paid product
* a full blown out marketing funnel with, free, low ticket, mid tier, upsells and downsells
 *had another product on the way
*created one of the fastest growing Facebook groups and raving communities
*put together a live event with 50 attendees in only three months from idea to reality and made $34 k in a single day
* we’re meeting with private clients and held three different levels of private high end mastermind groups
* collaborated with other action taking entrepreneurs and held webinars on a weekly basis
*travelled around the country to speak at live events amongst other top leaders

… and a ton of other ideas brewing in our minds ready to get them going.

Wow, that did feel great… but at the same time it was sooo exhausting chaotic and I was feeling so much stress that almost made it feel like it was just not worth it. We had so much on our plate that even if we wanted to not be productive, we couldn’t. Working on different projects and hitting up deadlines consumed all our time. 

There were of course many processes and tools that we had integrated to create the results that we did in the short amount of time of which one very helpful was mind-mapping and another was the habit of planning setting up deadlines we strived to meet.

The Aha! Moment

But I will never forget one particular weekend, I had a huge aha moment.

I attended a live event my friend Eiji Morishita organized and held on Six Figure Speaking Secrets.

And something that he said at that event completely shifted things for me.

I don’t think that I would have been as impacted by this one very simple idea had I not felt tremendous stress and overwhelm by the amount of things on my plate and hours in a day I had been working for quite some time.

 So if you are feeling that way right now… do this! And if you are not at that point yet… now you don’t have to get there. Learn from my mistakes and experience. 

Eiji said:

“Focus on one thing at a time”. 

secrets_to_life_focus_on_one_thinkWhat a novel idea! :) I turned to my partner at the time and I exclaimed “WOW”… This is it… this is why we are stressing out and so overwhelmed. We are working on too many things at the same time.

 In the past I used to brag about how great I was at multi tasking.  But let me tell you. Multi-tasking is overrated. There is no such thing as a productive multi-tasker.

To Be More Productive and Less Stressed FOCUS on Just One Thing

 So whether it is that you choose to work on one project at a time, and only move to another one once you have completed the first… or it’s that you always just focus (full 100% attention) on one task at a time it doesn’t matter. This simple concept could be the savior of your business and your sanity.

You see, productivity (i.e. producing real results) is useless and worthless if you are losing all your hair in the process. 

 And what I have found is that this concept really works.

When you choose to focus on only one thing at a time, and you know you are doing that, you can allow your mind to remain calm and not worry about what else there is to get done, and get distracted… you know you will eventually get there, but you have a process that ensures productivity.

So here are some ways you can go about this.

Segmenting Your Week Days

What I am testing right now after doing some research on this topic is actually segmenting the days of the week, and focusing the majority of different days to doing just one type of activities.

So for instance on Monday and Tuesday I might mainly focus on writing blog posts and emails to my list for the week or two ahead. With that I might add some auto emails to my sequence. But I am focusing on writing.

Then on another day I might focus on shooting multiple videos I would be releasing over the following days or weeks.

Another day may be focused on phone calls and appointments or scheduling social media engagement posts and real time engagement.

images (9)

This can help keep your mind focused on one specific wave length of creativity for an extended period of time and get a momentum going with that on each specific day. 

Content is king… and I have to admit I’ve been a slacker in that regard… Knowing how important content creation for my business is and especially in 2013 with this strategy I don’t have to try getting into writing mode, or having to get camera ready every single day. I am taking care of entire week or even a month worth of content or whatever it is, in a few short hours.

Try this… See how it works…

Segmenting Your Days and Time It

Another thing to consider is this: If you know for instance that evenings (or mornings, etc) are more creative for you and that’s when your writer’s block gets unlocked, then it may work better for you to actually segment your days instead with specific type of activities going on at specific times of the day. 

Just like anything else in business even productivity and time management techniques can be unique for different people and personalities and you must test and track and find what works best for you.

Timing and time limits are crucial as well. Set them up and stick to them. Buy a timer or use your phone but whatever you do, use it and integrate it into your work day practice.

In Summary:

If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed, simply segment your day or week-days, to work on just one project or type of activity at a time. Set minimum requirements for progress, and stick to them.

Above all, set time limits on each segment of the day. And stick to those too.

To Your Success, 
Diyana Alcheva

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  1. Lee Wise says:

    Excellent message, DiDi. Now all we have to do is follow it, lol! Thanks for all of the positive influence you have given to many over the years!


  2. Didi Alcheva says:

    Absolutely my pleasure, Lee! And yes follow through is what gives us the desired results. :)


  3. Indigo says:

    Great post, Didi! I have been thinking about work as a meditation lately–in meditation, I CONSTANTLY have to bring my mind back to the present moment, and with work, it’s constantly bringing myself back to the task at hand (rather than getting distracted every few minutes). I am also very familiar with that “high” of multitasking–you can feel so productive and like you are so cool! But you’re right: it’s not sustainable, and it’s not worth it!


  4. Didi Alcheva says:

    That’s awesome Indigo. It exactly how it goes with me too. Our mind loves to wander… so it’s this constant awareness and remembering to be present that helps us get back on track.



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