“I just had a most fabulous coaching session with internet marketing & social media wizard- Diyana Alcheva. I always get amazing insight on my marketing and business endeavors when I meet with Didi! Today she helped me to nail down my service package offerings for an upcoming event that I am hosting. She also gave me great advice and resources for how to promote myself, including the intricacies around product development, bonuses, and delivery. Didi is a wealth of knowledge, very kind and super generous too. Thanks soooo much for all of your help in the successful creation and launching of my business!” Melinda Butterfield

“Greatly privileged to be a part of your journey. Keep up the awesome work you’re doing and let’s hit the range the next time we meet up. I’d love that!” Ann Sieg

“Didi is one of the most amazing people I know. She came here to America to come to school and find opportunity. That’s why she attracted the opportunity to work at my office. She quickly absorbed everything from personal development, coaching and she worked on herself like I do (and like no one else I’ve known)… and now she’s a success story and example, working for no one but herself, giving value beyond belief. Proud of you Didi. I couldn’t be more proud!” Mike Klingler

“I’ve had a chance to not only meet Didi but work with her on a couple of projects.  When it came to Facebook, I thought I had it figured out.  It always seems like Didi is one step ahead in social media.  There are things in Facebook Mastery Club that really got me scratching my head and wondering why I didn’t figure that out.  This girl is definitely on top of her social media game and when it comes to Facebook,  I know exactly who to call.” Glenn Arcaro

‘She’s a social media queen.’ Alicia Bausley

‘Just five minutes with this woman will change your life.’ Rana Burr

‘Didi did not allowed any of the barriers, whether a language or a cultural or circumstances to get in the way of discovering her full potential.‘  Pat Campbell

‘What really impacted me is her determination.’ Helena Syptak

‘Just to break out of the box and acomplish what she’s done, is given me the hope that I can do more.’

‘Didi has inspired me with her story more than I can imagine.’ Tom Renfro

Mike Wilson

DiDi… You are the definition of a leader & an inspiration for so many, myself included!! Thank you so much for your leadership!! Brandon Bronowicz

Angela Arnold

I always get so motivated when I hear your message DiDi. You are quickly becoming, if not have already arrived, at being that influential person…one who truely makes a difference in our world. I really feel blessed to have had our paths cross. You really inspire action, you bring the best out of others…you bring the best out in me! Thank you for being such a great coach, and having the entrepreneurial spirit, and the heart of a caring LEADER! Sherry Prince

Bonnie Smith

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