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A freaky story with my neighbor…

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Please don’t laugh when I tell you this story. It’s not really funny, it’s sad and ironic but it’s the reality for many.

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About a couple of weeks ago… I was getting ready to fly to Florida for the Live 
The Dream event. 

It’s about midnight, and I was still packing my bag. I had to be at the airport at 5:30 am.

Shower… check

Suitcase… zipped

Doorbell??? Not expecting that one…

“Who can be in this late hour? I am not expecting anyone, and people don’t show up
at my door unannounced like that at midnight.”

You see I’m currently staying in a 6 floor building, the common what we call “block” in
Bulgaria built during the Soviet union kind of old building. And let’s just say the isolation of the walls can feel like a Chinese torture chamber.

So I open the door, and whom do I see – An angry looking woman in her PJ’s, my neighbor from the top floor. She starts yelling at me furiously, “I am tired of this circus. Your house is like a “wh*re house”… (literally she said that) I hear all this moaning every
night… it’s unacceptable… I have to go to work tomorrow and I can’t fall asleep.”

“Hmm, wow… moaning… what is this woman talking about?” I was in shock a little bit, because there was no noise that I could hear myself, and I was in the actual apartment.

She was either crazy or some of the other neighbors were just making “nicee nice” with
each other if you know what I mean? :)

I politely excused myself and sent her off and started thinking…

Wow, a while back, I would have probably gotten myself all wrapped up in the drama of this lady, probably would have started fighting with her and would have consumed my
time, thoughts, energy for maybe even days to come, sharing this story with friends,
complaining about the woman, maybe even making some actual real noise, to get her
even more pissed off for knocking on the wrong door. You get it.

But not now!

I now know what the consequences for allowing that sort of energy into my life are.

You see, this is called drama… and most people try to drag you into their drama so
they are not miserable alone. Miserable, although the ego deep inside is quite satisfied and that’s why it’s hard to let go of the drama, unless you become highly aware of what’s happening and how much automatic the response to run toward drama has become over the years.

Just think about it… Do you have people in your life who constantly live for the drama
and try to involve others in it too?

I know some and I tend to stray away from them. Some are very easily identified… they
are always dealing with something… flat tire, somebody broke their house window,
they are always in some sort of pain, they are always late for work, dealing with some
sort of disease, etc., etc.

Unfortunately, the majority of our society lives in their daily personal drama, they live FOR the drama.

But if you are in business, and you consider yourself an entrepreneur I highly encourage
you to become alert and aware of whether you’ve got your “daily drama pattern” on. I am serious!

Drama is ok for people with a J.O.B, especially if they hate it. Hey maybe it’s
even good for them, it keeps them entertained, and distracted from their miserable reality of doing something that they don’t love. Just playing…

Drama isn’t good for anyone. 
It’s just a beautiful way to keep yourself distracted from what truly matters. Maybe you don’t knock on your neighbors door trying to pick a fight, or have a black 
cloud following you around type of drama always raining on you.

But here is some of the drama that I see many entrepreneurs get involved in, and I’ve 
Done it plenty of times…

Let’s call it mindset drama… negative chatter, or should I say limiting beliefs and excuses.

Let’s be honest, these are just pure laziness in disguise. But sometimes they are 
legit. I shouldn’t say legit, but more so habitual thoughts that just need a little 
bit more consistent effort and desire to get rid of.

Some of my “drama” or limiting beliefs in the past have been telling myself “I am not
confident, I am not good at connecting with people, or I am not a good writer, I am not
good on the phone, I don’t feel confident in teaching others and creating my own products, or I am not a good presenter, I am scared of getting on a webinar, I won’t 
succeed”… etc., etc.

I am sure that if you haven’t obtained the success you want in your business, you most
likely have some of these or similar limiting beliefs. Similar drama that goes on in your
mind, that most likely attracts real tangible drama in your life that keeps you away and
prevents you from taking real results-producing action.

This is real simple stuff if you think about it and break it down to the core of where
inaction and distraction come from.

The challenge is that sometimes it’s very subtle, it goes on in our subconscious mind
very quietly, you could hardly hear it… and that’s why you must truly LISTEN.

Now, I know you’re like me if you are still reading this email and you don’t want to
keep being stuck.

All the time, you think about a way out of the misery and anguish you put yourself in every single day, that prevents you from taking action toward achieving that financial
freedom and happiness you want in your life.

I want you to get unstuck and join thehundreds of conscious entrepreneurs who are
moving forward and achieving success after success every single day.

And so I’ve put together with my collaboration partner Glenn Arcaro, something special for you that I think you’ll enjoy very much, because it is your golden ticket to success, if you choose to grab it that is.

We are holding a live webinar this Thursday with Mr. Mark Hoverson.

Mark is an 8-figure entrepreneur who’s lived in some of the worse situations you could be in, VERY nurturing to drama… like living in a trailer with pregnant wife and young kids, qualifying for welfare, car breaking down in the middle of highway… etc. etc.

But now he’s seeing some of the best… he somehow learned to immune himself, vaccinate himself against drama and reach the levels of success he desired and is still going strong.

On a side note: once you get on a new pattern and in a momentum you’ll be set, it’s just how it works.

Come create these new patterns with us:

We’re going to be going with Mark over some of the fundamentals that you as an entrepreneur must be focusing on to get yourself out of whatever internal and/or
external drama you’re living in right now, that’s blocking you from success.

This will be action oriented call. You got to take action if you want to see changes. You
have to start doing things differently, if you want to see different results.

Mark, Glenn and I will show you exactly what actions you must take in order to see the
results you are looking for in business.

So block the drama for an hour this Thursday at 6pm PST and come with a completely open mind!

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Know that there is a way out… You don’t have to keep being stuck.

How much do you really want it? Success?

Freedom? Happiness?

Just come and grab it, it’s yours.

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To Your Success,



The Last Day Of My Life


I know it’s been a while and and finally the time has come to reveal the lucky ones who are getting the exciting bonuses Glenn Arcaro and I put together in relations to the Get Traffic 3.0 launch. Before I announce the winners, I wanted to try and convey a very important message today that hopefully will stay with you and have an impact on you for the rest of your life. During the past week I had the amazing pleasure to be a guest speaker at the EBE Live Summit hosted by my good friends Alicia Bausley and Lisa Hanfileti together with Emma Tiebens and Elaine Starling. It was a great experience, lot’s of great content and value. There I also launched my Facebook Mastery Club training course, which I am very excited to dive into with the founding members and students. I will be extending you an invitation shortly so that you can join us too if you choose to. During the past week, I also went through a major emotional turmoil after learning about the tragic death of my 18-year-old cousin, Toni who I loved dearly. It’s been a few days now and I’ve shed many tears for him and my family, my aunt and uncle and my grandparents. I had never experienced the loss of a close one, except my dog Rexy a few years back. I guess I am only 25 and I was expecting that when I begin to experience this natural to the cycle of life thing called death, it would be involving the oldest people in my life. Toni’s sudden death has completely shocked and shook my world. It is making me realize on a completely new level that life is truly short, and for some much shorter. I’ve heard it said so many times by my mentors and inspirational speakers that we have only one life to live and every moment counts. It is true, but I don’t think it had really sunk for me on a deeper level until now. How I wish I was able to hug my cousin Toni right now, and yet that would never happen, because he is gone. And it brings tears to my eyes and it makes my heart hurt so much. But life for all of us continues. It is a precious life. Every breath is precious. So take a deep breath and enjoy it with all of your senses, because you are alive and you have the blessing to breath and feel alive. You are alive, so choose to feel alive. So many of us tend to dread through live almost as if we are waiting for the last moment to come. Not realizing that it will come and when it comes, this is it. It’s coming anyways so why not live your live ALIVE. As I make this decision for myself today, I invite you to join me, to live your life with love in every moment, to count the blessings in your life each day. To love and adore the people in you life and to show that love fully and in every moment. I know we as entrepreneurs have goals and dreams and we want to reach success. But what is success? How have you defined success for yourself? Have you even defined it? I realize that being able to spend time with my family is success for me now. It hadn’t been one of my priorities because I thought I had the time, and that I first had to make the money. Now I realize that my priorities need to be revised. I also want to contribute and impact other people’s lives in a positive way. And what I realize is that all the big dreams and goals that I have, and I am sure you do too are something that I can actually experience on a daily basis, on the way to achieving them, in every moment, on the journey toward them. You and I can experience our dreams… While on the journey toward our dreams. While on the journey toward our mini and major goals. While on the journey of living life…. …if only we remembered to live life “as if today is the last day of my life, so when it is the last day of my life it is the best day of my life” So as you start working on your business today, make sure you take a deep breath and enjoy every moment of the day, enjoy the learning curve, the making of the mistakes along the way and the new small successes along the way. Now, I would like to announce the winners of our contest related to Get Traffic 3.0. The Grand PRIZE $5k branding video goes toTony Dempsey! Congratulations, Tony! We are very excited to working together in creating an outstanding and jaw dropping video featuring your brand. Prize #1 & #2 – Everyone who purchased Get Traffic 3.0 through our link gets a free access to my Twitter Mastery Club and my brand new Facebook Mastery Club training courses. Prize #3: Sherry Prince, Scott Cabell and Narindra Raharitsifa get 3 hours of personal one on one coaching with me. Prize #4: Sherry Prince, Scott Cabell, Narindra Raharitsifa, Tony Dempsey and Howie Resenberg get 1 hour of personal one on one coaching with Glenn Arcaro – The Hollywood Video Guy. Prize #5: Ronald Streed, Michell Oliver and Indalecio Perez get a super cool looking Facebook banner design for their profile or/and fan page. Congratulations to you all and I am very excited for each one of you. Partners in Success, Diyana Alcheva


Productivity Improvement Strategry – Creating Successful Entrepreneur


In this video you will learn an incredibly effective productivity improvement strategy that if you begin applying will move you closer toward being that successful entrepreneur that you are striving to be. You will accomplish so much more in so much less time and will feel like you totally own the process of building your online or any kind of business successfully. In this video you will learn about the power of the law of straight line and how it works. So go ahead and tune in and write down your thoughts and comments below after you are done watching the video.
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To your success, Didi Alcheva


Adventures of a SMP Entrepreneur


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The Journey of The SMP Entrepreneur


The Journey of The SMP Entrepreneur

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